Successfully communicating information across language barriers is an enormous challenge for any organization.  Your message has to be delivered accurately and completely, taking into consideration cultural nuances.  Such a task demands expert knowledge and skills.  House of Languages has a perfect combination of language professionals and other services necessary to meet the challenge.

We are uniquely qualified to provide competitive languages services including:

  • On-site interpreter services
  • Document translations
  • Transcription and translation of audio and video files

House of Languages offers:

  • Most vigorous screening of interpreters in Maine, covering language ability, interpretation skills, and training
  • Detailed hiring process that includes criminal and other types of background checks
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Free online access to secure interpreter scheduling software
  • Training on working with interpreters

House of Languages is a State of Maine vendor.

Founding Director Dolgormaa Hersom grew up in Mongolia, Korea, and Russia. She always lived in a multilingual environment and learned to appreciate the complexities of cross-cultural communication. Over the past decade, Dolgormaa have been working in the language services area in Maine – coordinating interpreting and translating services, leading the establishment of interpreter qualification standards, developing and delivering medical and legal interpreter training, and teaching numerous workshops on working with interpreters. Currently, she serves as a consultant to Maine Judicial Branch’s Court Interpreter Program. Dolgormaa is a Certified Russian Medical Interpreter by National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters and a proud member of American Translators Association, International Medical Interpreters Association, and the National Language Service Corps.